Thawaaq is a B2B e-commerce firm that is growing at a faster pace, about 4 times faster than B2C. It aims at developing a premier marketplace for the food industry by connecting different food manufacturers.

It plays a vital role in enhancing the market coverage and extending the reach of the food manufacturers and vendors through the use of advanced technological solutions. This will not only improve their sales but also increase their brand awareness, thus resulting in more competitiveness.

Thawaaq offers many benefits to the restaurants, cafes and food catering companies by helping them in improving their procurement process, creating better transparency and efficiency of their sourcing mechanism. This will enable its clients to attain excellence and effectiveness of its operations. With such features, Thawaaq would soon become Kuwait’s as well as the whole Gulf region’s main food sourcing hub.

Business advantages for the sellers

With Thawaaq, the sellers can avail the following benefits:

  • Improvement of sales and market coverage

Without the addition of more manpower, Thawaaq can help you in extending your reach. It serves as a comprehensive, robust and cost-effective platform for restaurants, hotels, cafes, and catering companies which helps them in communicating with customers and securing new leads.

  • The rise in brand awareness

Thawaaq is one of the best channels that helps its clients in establishing their brand image by establishing a link with the major food buyers. People can thus come to know about the products and offerings of a particular brand in a much better way. After an efficient interaction with the customers and stating your prospects, you will be viewed as a premier food supplier

  • High efficiency

The method of processing orders is highly efficient in Thawaaq owing to its one-click feature which helps in avoiding many calls, busy lines and frequent visits for an order fulfillment. Here your transaction cycle including the payment will be executed online. Not only this, but you also get the benefit of making a product promotion or special offer announcement online.

  • Availability around the clock since

Thawaaq is available all the time, it has no peak time, working hours, etc. So, you can make a business at any time you want.

  • No rise in cost structure

Thawaaq assures to enhance your market coverage and contacts with the market without an increase in your cost structure.

  • Better accuracy of orders

Since the orders are saved for reference, you can easily change the quantity, make other necessary alterations and communicate this to your customers online efficiently in a secure way.

Special features offered by Thawaaq for the seller

  • Creation of extensive digital catalog with different pictures.
  • Accepting the order any time, i.e 24/7 availability.
  • In order to attract large quantity purchases, multiple price tiers are set up.
  • Customers get a secure method of online payment.
  • Participation on Thawaaq newsletter for getting updates regarding the latest products, offers, etc.
  • Order processing in a highly secured environment.

Business advantages for the buyers:

  • No hidden costs

Thawaaq is completely free of charge platform for buyers without any hidden costs.

  • Products bought from trustworthy suppliers

Thawaaq lists the best suppliers who are trustworthy. So you can be sure that the most professional food supplier in Kuwait is handling your order.

  • Purchase process simplification and expedition

With Thawaaq, you get the option yo to add your regular merchandise in the common list, which helps in processing it without the need of going through a long product search cycle. In this way, Thawaaq saves time and avoids the complicated purchasing transactions.

  • Purchase analysis

You can easily control the food cost as well as make an analysis of your purchases with Thawaaq. This can be done by searching the catalogs, comparing the products and prices, reviewing the customer opinions on each product and exploring new products, offers and then communicating this with your supplier online.

Special features offered by Thawaaq for the buyers

  • You get an option of comparison of prices, quality, and products.
  • You can review and rate the comments given by the customers on different products.
  • Save time by adding the items that you buy frequently into the usual list.
  • Order processing in a secure environment.
  • The option of using different payment methods such as credit, cash on delivery and by KNET cards.
  • Stay updated about the latest products and special offers.

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