Building a desktop computer from scratch can be quite tedious for most people who aren’t computer experts.

In such cases, it makes sense to buy and use pre-built desktop computers. It’s a lot easier and you can set it up very fast with no hassle.

Specs of HP ProOne 200 AIO PC

One of the best desktop computers for daily uses would be HP’s ProOne 200 G3 PC, for which we’ve found a great deal going on at WantItBuyIt.

This desktop pc has a 4GB Ram and a 1TB hard disk space. You also get an Intel i3 processor and an Intel UHD Graphics 620 which comes along with the PC. With this PC you get a 1-year warranty too and as for OS, you get the DOS, on which you’ll need to install a copy of Windows which is very easy. Get it today for 130.000 KWD, which is 20.000 KWD lesser than the sticker price of 150.000 KWD.

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