Eating healthy has always been a worry of many people. Because most of us don’t like Healthy food, do we? We don’t necessarily pick an apple over a bag of crispy fries. But what if you could eat those fries and still be healthy? That’s why you need Air Fryers.

Today, we’re bringing you an amazing deal on air fryers, and specifically for Philips 1425W Air Fryer on X-Cite. This Air Fryer will allow you to fry and cook up to 0.8 KGs in one go.

It has rapid Air technology, automatic shut-off, temperature control, and its parts are completely dishwasher safe! So now you can enjoy all your fried food with zero cholesterol because you’ll be using almost no oil!

This is perfect for people who want to stay healthy and still not miss out on good food! You can get this Air Fryer for just 42.900 KWD, which is 46% off from its price of 79.000 KWD!

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